Monday, May 11, 2015

Virtual Running Date No. 55: Switching gears!

Hello Crushers!

If this was a running date, I'd have to tell you that I did not run this weekend. Instead, I skipped the opportunity to be on a team with friends for the Color Run (which was totally OK to skip) and gave blood instead (warning - photo of arm with tubes taped to it - no blood or needles though).
Be a hero! Donate blood if you can!
We worked on our house and garden this weekend so we could have a lovely Mother's Day with our moms. My yard is dandelion free for the moment. Woohoo!

If this was a running date, I would tell you that Steve and Ellie gave me my gift on Saturday night instead of Sunday. Going back in time, Steve has been working on this project from Ellie for over a month. One day, he was really frustrated because something wasn't working, but he couldn't tell me. I sat him down and said, "I appreciate all of the love, time, and energy that you are putting into this gift, but just so you know, I would have been really happy with a new cutting board."

Little did I know that he had already bought me a cutting board after I couldn't shut up about the one that I used at my cooking class back in January. HA!

Anyway, he (and Ellie), took tons of photos from my phone, his phone, our cameras and even some from my sister and mom and made me a slide show with music from our engagement pictures through Ellie's first year. I laughed, I cried (especially at the photos of my grandparents who have passed away at our wedding and then with Ellie), I "oohed" and "aahed". It was so thoughtful, and I'm so glad to have these years captured all in one place! I think we might have to continue this tradition, but add more of Steve to the photos, too!

If this was a running date, I'd be able to tell you my idea for Steve for Father's Day, which is also his birthday, but since he sometimes reads this blog to catch up, I can't tell you. Also, sorry for the run-on sentence.

If this was a running date, I'd tell you that I got to spend time with my mom and my mother-in-law this weekend. What a fantastic bunch of ladies! My sister had her first Mother's Day and my brother and his wife and kids were in town, too. All the little cousins had fun playing together and Ellie took her first assisted steps this weekend. AH!

My brother, sister, mom and I - Mother's Day 2015.
If this was a running date, I'd also tell you that my nephew, Patrick, had his first race last week. There is a local running series where they live in Peoria that does weekly kids' races. You show up, pay a small fee (I think they said it was $2), let the kiddos run a quarter mile with a race bib, and then they get a ribbon. Patrick was SO excited! My mini-runner!

If this was a running date, I would tell you how our house is switching gears. Now that my half marathon is over, it is Steve's turn to train. He signed up for a full marathon taking place in September. As a teacher, he will have a good chunk of summer away from work so he can do some heavier training before the school year starts in again. By then, he should be tapering his miles anyway. So excited for him!

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