Friday, August 24, 2012

Coming up: Dinner with Friends

My husband coaches high school football, which makes him Coach and I am Mrs. Coach. Next week we are having although I went to nearly every game through the time we were dating and engaged, there are still some of the other coaches that haven't met me yet. We're having Coach S and Mrs. Coach S over for dinner next week to hang out.

Now, I thought I was pretty knowledgeable in football considering I come from a long line of dedicated Green Bay Packer fans and I was a cheerleader. Cheerleading is not just all rah-rah, shake your pom-pons and do a bunch of high kicks. Cheerleaders are athletes who had to train and know specific details of both cheer routines and what was happening on the field. You wouldn't want to be cheering your team on for a first down when they were on defense. Duh.

Steps off soap box...

Anyway, what cheerleaders didn't have to know were the many, many types of coaches that each team has. You've got your head coach, offensive coach, defensive coach, line coach, special teams coach, QB coach, etc. However, there is one thing that I do know about coaches: They all love BBQ. I have yet to meet one that doesn't enjoy a tangy red BBQ sauce or anything off of the grill.

Next week: BBQ Ribs, garlic oven-roasted potatoes and (veggie yet to be determined).

Please share your favorite BBQ recipes in the comments and help me pick out a veggie to serve with the meal! Zucchini? Corn?

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