Monday, August 20, 2012

The Flipside part 2

Here are some photos to go with "The Flipside" post from last week. Please excuse the photo quality. I had to take the photos by myself with my phone since my husband wasn't home to be my photographer.

When you've got your pan hot and the butter is bubbling nicely, this is what it looks like:
Be sure and swish the butter around to coat the whole bottom of the pan. Although the pan is non-stick (Rachel Ray from Kohl's), it is nice to be sure that your eggs won't stick when you're trying to flip them.

Here is what the eggs should look like when you're getting ready to flip them. See how the edges are pretty well cooked and they don't wiggle when you shake the pan. It's OK if the top of the middle of the eggs are wobbly. Note the firm grip that's ready to flip!

 Now that you've flipped them by sliding them up the pan with a quick shove-away motion, this is what it looks like. Yes, that some egg residue from the flip on the edge, but that's OK. It was delicious!
See? All part of a healthy breakfast of yogurt, fruit, juice and an omelet filled with cheese and topped with homemade salsa.

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