Friday, December 7, 2012

Get excited for Steak!

Happy Friday, Crushers!

I am very excited for date night with my husband tonight. We were given a gift card for a supper club in Milwaukee, and we are going to have steak! I don't normally cook steak unless it's on the grill, but I do love eating it. The majority of our diets is composed of white meats like chicken, fish and pork, but for a treat (and some iron), we go for red meat. Whether it is a juicy hamburger, some spicy tacos or a roast, beef is a great choice. Everything in moderation, right?

Wait, you don't know what a supper club is? Check it out on Wikipedia. I think they have a spot-on description of these restaurants. Usually we go to one when we are up north by our cabin, but to have an old school supper club right here in Milwaukee is a treasure!

I can't wait to settle in to the 1950's-60's decor, order a martini or old fashioned (another very Wisconsin drink), snack on the relish tray and wait for my steak. Where are we going to enjoy all this kitsch?! The Five O'Clock Steakhouse "One of America's Best Steakhouses" says Rachel Ray. It has been voted number one in the city so many times, and people on Yelp can't be more enthusiastic. I can't wait! You can believe I'll be taking pictures of my meal!

Until then, have a great weekend!

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