Thursday, March 14, 2013

Leftover Night: Baked Potato Edition

Good morning Crushers!

This blog entry is completely inspired my you, my readers! As I've mentioned in the past, I've been asked what to do with leftovers and then my sister asked me about a dinner that she was planning for her friends. The two ideas combined to Leftover Night: Baked Potato Edition!
Potato is ready!

On the Christmas after we got engaged, Steve's grandma, who can sew ANYTHING, gave me a baked potato mitt for making potatoes in the microwave. It's so handy if you just want one or two potatoes and you don't have the time to bake them in the oven. Just wash and dry the potato, wrap it in a paper towel and then pop it in the bag. You can microwave up to 3 potatoes at a time and it only takes about 7-9 minutes. It's magic.

Last night, Steve and I had designated as leftover night since I had choir practice and a shopping date with my cousin, and he had card night with the guys. We needed a quick, healthy dinner and we needed space in our fridge!

Toppings  anyone?
Here are the leftovers that we had: pork sausage crumbles, diced onions, and cheese leftover from Monday's homemade pizza; two chicken burger patties from Sunday's Greek Chicken Burgers with Feta, peas; asparagus and rice from Tuesday night. While rice doesn't make a great potato topping (starch on starch? no), it will make great fried rice at later date.

Steve went with a potato covered in cheese, onion and then kept most of the toppings on the side since they didn't want to sit on the potato! I topped mine with some of the sausage crumbles, onion, peas and little cheese. FYI - the peas did not want to stay on the potato with the rest of the toppings, so that photo was taken in haste before they all rolled away! We both ate the asparagus on the side. Hot, filling, and we have more space in our fridge again! Whoo hoo!


  1. oddly enough i never thought of using similar leftovers to what you had as toppings for a baked potato!! See...I totally needed this post on leftovers :D

    1. I'm surprised I had never thought of it until yesterday when my sister was brainstorming potato toppings. Then I realized I had some of those things in my fridge!

  2. I love that moment when you are either looking at a recipe or trying to think of what to make for dinner and you find something and then realize "hey i have everything i need to make this!" it's one of life's awesome little feel good moments :)