Thursday, March 21, 2013

Non-Kitchen Crush: Crafty people

Hey crushers,

I'm always inspired by crafty people who can build/sew/stencil/paint/stamp and all sorts of things. Not every project turns out the way it's supposed to, but I always wanted to know how something worked so I gave it a good try anyway. When I was little, I was so inspired by reading all of the "Little House" books, I begged my mom to teach me to sew. As a home economics teacher, my mom is a whiz in everything crafty, and we whipped up a lovely little dress. It was adorable!

I still love to sew and many friends have asked me to hem pants for them or fix buttons, rips and tears. I even made a quilt for my nephew when he was born. I'm not sure how much he used it, but I hope his mom and dad enjoyed it!
The back side is a fuzzy chenille and the white patches
that say "I love Mommy" and "I love Daddy" are flannel for some interesting texture differences.

Close-up of a corner of the blanket
I've made a few stenciled key/necklace hangers for friends lately, but I've really been enjoying decorating the house for the holidays and seasons. As you saw before with our Christmas tree and the St. Patrick's Day wreath, I have been going to town on these crafts! Here is the wreath I made for Spring inspired by one of my very crafty co-workers (who's sister-in-law happened to inspire the slow cooker breakfast bake for tailgating).
The vine wreath should be familiar!
I took off the St. Patrick's Day shamrocks and added rosettes.

Here is an up-close look at the rosettes.
The white/green/blue fabric was leftover from the quilt above!
 In order to keep reusing the wreath, I tied some strips of fabric on the wreath and then secured the rosettes with safety pins. They hang nicely and they're so bright and cheerful! This will be on our door for a while until Memorial Day comes around. Then I've got another one planned!

What do you do to decorate for the seasons?
Have any other ideas for me to try?
Want to more crafts or just get back to food?

Let me know in the comments!

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