Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Virtual Running Date No. 53: 10 miles down, 13.1 to go

Hello Crushers!

If this were a running date, I'd tell you I did my longest training run on Sunday before my handbell festival concert (You can see the live stream here. I am in the second row, way far on the right sitting next to the bubblers/drinking fountains around minute 23). Across all my runner friends, there are two main training programs:

  1. Run over several months with increasing time and distance until you reach somewhere around 10 miles at least 2 weeks before your race. Then taper. (Most full-marathoners run about 20-22 miles for a final long training run before tapering). 
  2. Run over several months with increasing time and distance until you reach a minimum of 13 miles or more (usually no more than 15) at least 3 weeks before your race. Then taper.
I am in the first bunch, hence I listed it as number 1. Heh.

If this were a running date, I'd confess that my longest run before my first half marathon back in 2011 was barely 9 miles (might have only been 8). Thankfully, my race was on a very flat surface, and my body recovered fine. I was also lucky to run with a friend for miles 5-9. We chatted and encouraged each other. After the race, I hopped in the car, Steve drove us back to Milwaukee (a 2 hour drive), and then I walked around (aka cooled off) at a bridal show. Kind of dumb, but it worked out.

If this were a running date, I'd tell you that my second half marathon training was very different. I ran with Steve for almost every training run since it was going to be his first half marathon. He was vigilant about our training. Our longest run was a very hilly 10-mile trek through the Ice Age Trail. It worked MUCH better, and I had a great PR for that half marathon.

If this were a running date, I'd tell you that for my 3rd half marathon training, I was super pleased that I did 10 miles and most of my training on my own. Yes, Steve and Ellie ran with me on some of them. Yes, I did interval training with Kristi. BUT I did 10 miles on my own. Not surrounded by other runners all going the same direction. Not with my hubs and running buddies. I did not think I could make it, but I did. It was awesome and grueling and more awesome. I'm ready folks.

Also, new shoes!

Saucony Stabil CS3
I heart them. I have super flat feet thanks to foot surgery I had as a kid. I think I've mentioned it in the blog, but I can't find it to link, so whatever. Flat feet, ahem. Anyway, I have to wear shoes with "stability" so I don't pronate weird and get hurt. Running shoes aren't about looking cute; they're about healthy feet.

Well, excuse me for doing a happy dance because someone FINALLY got through to the designers and us stability shoe wearers now have fun colored shoes to wear! Everyone else got cool shoes. I was stoked when my shoes went from navy, white and silver accents to hot pink, white and silver accents. I bought hot pink shoe laces to jazz it up a bit. I don't even wear that much pink, but in running shoes it's so fun!

If this were a running date, I'd tell you that my friend Cam, who ran the Boston Marathon in 2013 when it was bombed returned to Boston this week for the marathon. He set a new PR. Boston Strong!

If this were a running date, I'd also tell you that Ellie had a lot of fun at the running store. She got to try out a new jogging stroller (did not buy) and help me find cool gear for Steve for a future gift! Oh, and the owners' Great Dane was in the store. Ellie clapped and shrieked "Doggie!" Poor dog did not find meeting Ellie nearly as exciting. I think the high pitch of her voice was a bit much. Ha!

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