Monday, January 28, 2013

Meals for the week

Hi Crushers,
I know I didn't have much to write about last week, but that's for two reasons: one, Steve did most (OK, practically all) of the cooking last week, and two, it was a rough week for my family with funeral preparations for my aunt. One more reason that I didn't cook last week was because it was exam week for Steve's school, so we didn't have as many after school commitments as usual. Also, he makes a killer spicy chili and it's never quite the same.

Hmm, I guess that's four reasons. Anyway, we're getting back on track sharing the prep, cooking/baking, and shopping this week.

Here is the plan for the week, so stay tuned!
Monday: Stirfry
Tuesday: Leftover Chili (with homemade bread sticks from this post) and making some sort of treat for Steve's card night with the guys since I really don't have to cook dinner. Thank you to whoever invented the microwave!
Wednesday: Pasta with chicken tenders from my freezer meal class
Thursday: Chicken and Dumplings
Friday: Up for grabs! Pizza? Fajitas? Who knows...

Coming up this weekend is the SUPER BOWL! Not only is this THE night for NFL fans (unlike the pro bowl...), commercial fans and Beyonce fans, but it is a fun food night. We are going to be attending a party at my cousin's house which should be exciting for a number of reasons:
  1. Her husband is from San Fran, so we've all become honorary 49ers Fans.
  2. She is a good cook and has invited lots of fun foodie people to the party. 
  3. I'm betting that at least 3 people have e-mailed/called/texted her brother/my cousin to make his "bacon-wrapped, chicken bites of holy cow that's spicy". 
I think I'm going to make one healthy option like a spicy buffalo dip with celery sticks and Greek yogurt and then one that is loaded with cheese and such. Any requests? Please write them in the comments!

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