Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Virtual Running Date No. 32: Yeah, I didn't run

Good morning, Crushers!

Unless you count running up and down the stairs or back and forth between houses, I didn't do any actual running. Well, I did run through the rain with boxes back and forth between the house and the truck, so there's that.

If we were on a virtual running date, I would tell you that we've been a little busy. The house is empty. And yes, I totally cried when we said, "Bye House." You see, we have this silly tradition of saying good bye to the house every day when we leave for work. So when we said bye for what may be the last time (hopefully!), it was sad. I cried. I have extra hormones. And I'm a crier. Ugh.

If we were on a virtual running date, I would tell you that I'm enjoying living at my parents' house more than I thought. My mom is a wonderful cook, who has been wonderful and cooked the past few nights without even mentioning that I should take a crack at it. Which I will. I will help feed everyone. I love feeding people. Anyway, she made these wonderful mashed potatoes last night that were all buttery and had tiny bits of onion in them. You know how I love onions.

There's one problem though. This house has a constant supply of cookies. And? How is this a problem you ask? BECAUSE I LOVE THEM! I'm trying to be all graceful and stuff about being pregnant and getting bigger (half way on Friday!), but when you have cookies on hand all the time, it's hard. Oh delicious cookies...

In the meantime, you know, when we're not working, teaching, packing, and stuff, we have been participating in local government to try and get some land rezoned. We have been working on this, and by we, I mean my mom has been leading the charge as the president of our local woman's club, since May. SINCE MAY! They had the vote last night and it did not go in our favor. Well, I know a few common council members that I won't be voting for in the next election. Harumph!

However, like all important lessons your mom teaches you, it's good to remember, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Much like "don't lick batter off your fingers until your done baking" or "always wash your hands". Moms know these things.

If we were on a virtual running date, I'd tell you to go call or hug your mom or your aunt or your friends' mom or any mom you know. Chances are they need that hug.

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