Monday, April 8, 2013

Virtual Running Date No. 4: What a week!

Hi Crushers,

Last week was insane. Steve had spring break so we got a LOT done around the house, which made both of us a happy camper. I am be itching to buy flowers even more now! I must confess that a trip to the local garden center felt pretty good if the only things we bought were some organic weed repellent for the big family garden and a small garden flag. However, with snow in the forecast I almost want to tell all our bulb plants to stay down! Stop popping up because there might be snow!!! Exclamation points everywhere!!!

Anyway, I promise to share recipes this week. We have some fun meals planned, and I have to tell you about the Easter foods I made. And I have to tell you about this fancy French restaurant we tried. And I have to tell you about some freezer meals I'm planning to make with my sister and mom. And... so much more. I promise that this week will be back on track!

Speaking of tracks... We did not do the 10-miler that we had planned to do this weekend. Instead we had to sneak in runs between chores, rain and delicious French food. Instead of doing the one big long run, we did two shorter runs (one 3-miler and one 4-miler).

If we were on a virtual running date, I would tell you that we had fun family news with babies! We are expecting a niece and/or nephew on each side of the family. I can't wait to start quilting a blanket once we find out if the babies will be hims, hers or one of each. I wonder if I could run to the quilting store and back? Maybe I would need to run with a backpack on? Maybe I should just run, shower and then go shopping?

If we were on a virtual running date, I would also tell you that my foot is starting to really bug me on any runs past 6 miles. I have been incorporating the new yoga moves and staying extra hydrated and eating as healthy as can be when we have jelly beans in the house, but I think this is a shoe problem. Experts say that you should change out your shoes every 300-400 miles. I can't help but think, "Man, that is a lot of miles!" Because it is! Then I did looked at our half marathon training sheet and did the math. Since January, we've run about 140 miles. No wonder my shoes are giving out!
Tip: If you are starting to notice pain that isn't a normal part of taking your training/muscles/mind to the next level, your shoes may be wearing out. I checked the bottom of my shoes and the insides to see how much tread and cushioning is left. It's not pretty. For me, I can tell that I need to visit my favorite running store when I'm starting to feel shin splints and foot pain.
In case you're wondering how I figured out which shoe to wear since I have wonky feet due to childhood foot surgeries, my first clue was that the pair I bought when I first started running was a fluke. It was a good pair of Asics, but I bought it on clearance at Kohl's. The pair only last me about three 5K races before falling apart. Literally. I tried a few other cheap shoes, but they didn't last long either.

Since I got a coupon for Performance Running Outfitters when I did a boot camp and I figured this was a sport I was going to embrace for a long time, I might as well invest in some nice shoes. The knowledgeable staff had me run for a bit on a treadmill and actually videotaped how my foot hit the surface as I ran. It was very interesting. They recommended these lovely Saucony shoes. I've been running in this style for the past 5-6 years. My old pairs turn into the shoes I keep at my desk for walking during lunch breaks or I leave a pair up north for hiking. When I can, I recycle or donate them too.

How about you? How are your fitness goals going? Do you have any recommendations for how to find great gear?

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