Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Virtual Running Date No. 7: It's OK to walk!

Less than 20 days until our half marathon! We're in the teens people! AH!

While we weren't able to get an runs in over 10 miles in the past few weeks, we did do an 8.5 mile run on Saturday. It was fantastic. Sort of...

I had to walk twice. TWICE!

If we were on a Virtual Running Date, I would tell you that I did not like it at all. While this doesn't seem like a big deal because 8 miles is a long way to go, it still is more than I wanted to walk. When I first had to walk it was because I was being a big baby and had to yell at myself about why you run:

  1. Because you can.
  2. Because someone told you "You can't."
  3. Because it feels good even on bad days.
  4. Because it's a great way to clear your mind, enjoy nature and get out there.
  5. Because it's a good prayer time.
  6. Because you're being healthy.
  7. Because one mile used to seem like a long way to go.
  8. Because sometimes you just need to get there faster.
  9. Because of that cool sound your feet make when they hit the pavement.
  10. Because you like how your clothes fit.
  11. Because you want to be a good example of healthy activity when you have a family.
  12. Because you want to be able to keep up with your future family (and your nephew who is so fast!).
  13. Because you like the workout clothes and cute shoes.
  14. Because of all the people who are amputees who can run despite challenges.
  15. Because of all the people in Boston who were hurt.
  16. Because you have a half marathon in less than 3 weeks.
  17. Because your husband is a mile ahead of you and you don't want him to think that you got lost.
  18. Because it's nice to "make a muscle" and actually see a muscle.
  19. Just because.
All of these and more ended with "Get moving girl!"

The second time I had to stop was simply because I had a rock in my shoe. Totally legit reason to take a breather. Walking is excellent exercise, too. Sometimes you need to stop and walk because your body is telling you that you need water or that a pain you're feeling is a warning. Please don't misunderstand me; walking is OK! I just wanted to keep running. 

How about you? What are the ways that you have to remind yourself to keep going? Write it in the comments!

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