Monday, April 15, 2013

Virtual Running Date No. 5: Go Cam Go!

Good morning Crushers!

Today is the day of the 2013 Boston Marathon. I have a friend, who just happens to work at my favorite running store, who is running the Boston Marathon today. Last year, Cam didn't finish due to the heat. It was 80-something. Way to hot and humid to be running 26.2 miles. He's back this year to take on the course. In case you know someone running and want to check on their progress from afar, you can go to and type in the runner's name. It gives you updates every 5K. How cool is that?

New shoes!
It we were running together today, I would love to tell you that someone is coming to see our house today! As I mentioned before, we are trying to sell our house. It's a buyer's market, so we're hoping someone wants to buy ours so then we can get to be a buyer! While we wait, we have been going to a few open houses to just keep tabs on what's out there. Doesn't hurt, right?

If you've ever looked at homes, what do you look for? Obviously, I check out the kitchen. Does it have good flow, does it have enough counter space? Does it have room for our small appliances? Can we have dinner parties? Besides that, I love imagining how we would grow as a family in the space. Does it have enough bedrooms? Does it have a nice yard? Could we grow our own herbs and veggies? Does the basement have a funky smell? Could these people decorate my future home since they did such a great job on this one? SO MUCH TO LOOK AT!

If we were running together, I would also tell you that it's our local Women's Club's Spring Fashion Show this week. We have a wonderful local boutique that picks out clothes to highlight. The ladies of the club supply some of the models (my sister is one), food, beverages and raffle items. It's a great time, but I'll be really glad when it's over! Now, I'm in charge of making 3 dozen of some sort of dessert. What should I make? Lemon bars? Something fancier? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Hope you are all enjoying sunny (or at least warm) weather! It is still overcast and rainy here in Wisconsin. At least it's not snow!

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