Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Virtual Running Date No. 10: We made it!

Hey Crushers!

Welcome to our 10th virtual running date and the 100th post for this blog! We made it! I set a new personal record of 2:21:21 (2 hours, 21 minutes, 21 seconds), and Steve finished his first half marathon in 2:06:09! I'm so proud of him!

Here are a number of pictures from the weekend. We started off by going to the Arthritis Walk in Dane County (Madison, WI) because I am friends with the honoree. She is such a special volunteer for that organization! After that, we drove through some gorgeous farm fields to pick up our race packets at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. The next day was race day. I'm still so happy about our finish times and that I could run the WHOLE WAY! Well, I did walk at the water stops because I didn't want to spill water all over myself, but the rest of the time I ran including all the hills! WHOO!

A big thank you to everyone who listened to us talk about this since January, to all of the event volunteers and staff, and all of the fun spectators and your signs! It really does help to see a sign that says, "Keep smiling! You're doing great!"

Started the day at Olin Park right next to Lake Monona.
Behind me you can see the city and the Capitol.

This is my "Super Friend" and volunteer extraordinaire, Shannon.

We made it to Lambeau Field! Time to pick up our packets.

Here is a picture of the expo. Sorry it's a little dark, but the atrium was really bright!
Vendors with all sorts of running stuff were there. I bought a running pack that said "one more mile".
I was thisclose to buying one that said, "If it weren't for me, you'd have no one to pass" or
"One day I won't be able to do this. Today is not that day." 

Cheeseheads on the run!

All the cool gear!

This was my goal pace, so we started there. Steve ran way faster with a 9:37 mile pace.
I beat my goal with a 10:47 pace! WHOO!

Everyone got a wristband that said "We run as one. Boston 2013"
Before the race started, everyone was asked to raise their arm and observe 26 seconds of silence.
There were a lot of teary eyes including my own. So powerful!

We made it! Check out those medals!

Only in Wisconsin do they hand out beer and brats at the finish line.
Miller 64 - mmm...

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