Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another use for leftovers!

Good morning Crushers!

I have talked about using up leftovers in previous posts herehere and here. They can be such a handy thing on a night when you don't have a lot of time to make dinner. Last night was a bit hectic. I worked late, picked up Steve to drive home and then he cut the lawn (that SO needed it) while I did a little boot camp workout and made dinner.

Since we had so much food while up north, we decided to use leftovers from Tuesday night and make a big hearty salad for dinner. A hearty salad? Yes, such a thing is possible.

First, here's what we had on Tuesday night: sweet and sour chicken tenders, broccoli and rice. Then all of the above made it on fresh romaine lettuce with tomatoes, a little cheese (we only had Romano in the house), some olives, onions, and we tossed it all together. We had some leftover garlic bread from last week, that I thought we would chop up into squares to add to the salad too, but I guess Steve ate them when I wasn't paying attention. Anyway, the salad was so good, I really didn't miss the bread.

The best part? I have lunch for today because I made so much salad!

Boo-yah! Lunch time (with yogurt, other veggies and a handful of pretzels)!

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