Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Steve made dinner last night: leftover edition

Good morning Crushers!

One huge benefit of Steve being a teacher is that he has offer during the summer (when he's not in class). This means that he is able to help in the family garden making sure all the weeds are gone and the veggies are growing (eggplants, radishes and onions, oh my!). He is also available to help with running errands and getting all his lesson plans ready for next year. My favorite is when he decides to make dinner!

Don't get me wrong, I love to cook. But sometimes it's nice when someone else cooks for you. Steve is a great cook, too!

Last night Steve whipped up some spaghetti with leftover Italian sausage and plenty of veggies. He did, however, throw in one surprise veggie. We had some cucumbers that needed to be used up, so he tossed those in the sauce with some onions and other things. Much to my surprise, it was really good! The cucumbers were a nice crunchy element to the sauce and they held on to some of the spice from the sausage. Who knew?

How about you? What surprise ingredients have you found lately? Please share in the comments!

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