Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hummingbird moths and how I accidentally made chicken schnitzel

Good morning Crushers!

On Tuesday night, Steve and I spent some time cleaning up our garden. We cut down plants that needed to be trimmed back and emptied flower pots. Along our garage is a small patch of purple flowers, commonly known as obedient plants, that are a favorite among bees and butterflies. While we were working, we noticed some new creatures over there. At first I thought they were small hummingbirds.

I ran inside to get my camera, and when I came back out, Steve pointed out that our hummingbird visitors had horns! I looked them up online, and they are Sphinx moths or Hummingbird moths. Can you spot them? They're small and striped.

How cool is that?

Before we went out to the garden, I was in charge of making dinner. We had thawed out some chicken, so I figured I'd try and fry it like I saw a person do on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" with Guy Fieri. It looked simple enough. Pound chicken flat, dredge in flour, coat in whisked eggs, dredge in flour/spice mix and then place in the frying pan. Let cool on a plate lined with paper towels to soak up the oil. Serve with veggies and a salad. Easy peasy.

They turned out delicious! When I started to tell Steve how I did it, I realized this was basically like the chicken schnitzel I ate while in Australia (although I used more spices). After a super easy Google search, I realized that I totally made it on accident. Steve liked it so much, he said that this would be a go-to meal for us when having company over. I agreed!

Since I made it on accident, there were no photos taken before we gobbled it all up. Instead, here are a few great links to other people who made chicken schnitzel on purpose and took photos.

The Shiksa in the Kitchen: Chicken Schnitzel

Rachel Ray's Smokey Chicken Schnitzel

Panko-Coated Chicken Schnitzel

Martha Stewart Chicken Schnitzel

Really, you can just do a Google search and it pops up everywhere. Chances are that it's in one of the cookbooks sitting on your shelf too. So easy and really delicious! Enjoy!

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