Monday, January 20, 2014

Virtual Running Date No. 38: Baby stuff

Good morning, Crushers!

If this were a virtual running date, I would first confess that I haven't run. I probably won't run much until after the kiddo is born because it's icy and slippery and falling is bad.

My second confession is that I'm not a mommy blogger. Will I talk about baby food and toys and post pictures of my kid? Probably. Will I offer advice that is brilliant? Probably not. Will I at least share with you some cool stuff I find and maybe some things that work for me? Yup. Most likely.

If this were a virtual running date, I would tell you that this past weekend felt like it was all about babies. I went to a baby shower for a friend last Friday and it was really fun. We made mocktails, ate food (BLT dip?!) and talked about baby stuff and other stuff. Three women there were moms; three were prego; and three were just engaged. It was funny to hear every one's perspective on babies and care and what you really "need".

Speaking of what you want (more BLT dip?!) versus what you need, have you seen the baby section at a department store lately?! So much stuff. If you're reading this and you're registering for baby stuff, here are three pieces of advice:
  1. Do your homework before you go (I highly suggest the book Baby Bargains), but it's COMPLETELY OK if your sense of "dang that's cute" overrides common sense a few times. Can't leave the store without scanning that fuzzy pink onesie? SCAN IT!
  2. Pack snacks. Something that's an energy booster is a good idea. Plus, no one, and I mean NO ONE ever seems to mind a prego lady having a handful of pretzels or raisins. 
  3. Leave when you feel overwhelmed. 50 kinds of pacifiers and you're not even sure you want your child to use one? Feel free to skip that and come back later, if ever. 
Speaking of registries, I should go check that I took all those accidental doubles off the list...

So, this is a food blog, right? Baby shower food is pretty darn good. We had BLT dip (have I mentioned that?), sweets, veggies and dip, taco dip, and cheese and crackers. Fun finger food plus mocktails = a great evening friend shower. So nice!

I'm not allowed to know anything about my shower. I was just supposed to supply a list of names and addresses and I'm sure someone will tell me when to show up.

We took a baby class at our hospital over the weekend. It was very informative and fun despite talking about one of the messiest, but coolest things that your body could ever do. No cool food to mention there. They did give us snacks, but that's about it.

Yesterday, I did make jambalaya, which I'm fortunate to have leftovers of today! Sunday afternoons spent cooking while football is on in the background is very nice. As much as I wish the Packers were still on their way to the Super Bowl, I enjoyed a day where I could just be a football fan. If I had to pick a bandwagon to jump on, I'd go with the Broncos. I have more family and friends that live in Colorado, plus I really can't stand Seattle's coach. Ugh.

If this were a virtual running date, I could at least mention that I did safely walk on a treadmill for 2-3 miles at a stretch. Kind of boring, but it beats slipping on ice!

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