Monday, January 27, 2014

Virtual Running Date No. 39: Cold? What cold?

Good morning Crushers!

I kid you not that the temperature in my car dropped from 20 degrees F to -1 degree F in the 25 minutes that it took me to drive to work. Almost all of the schools in the entire state are closed today for "dangerous freezing weather conditions". The governor actually called a state of emergency due to difficulties people are having in getting adequate heat fuel.

Before the temperatures really dropped, Steve and I took ourselves to a local county park to do some snow-shoeing and skiing. He skied. I walked. It was nice.

My spiffy snow shoes!

Curry Park
29 weeks and bundled up!
If it weren't for me holding my hands under the baby bump,
I'm not sure you'd be able to tell that I am pregnant since I was wearing so many layers!
Besides getting out and getting some exercise, snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing are just plain fun! Snow shoes are a nice option for me right now since they have these spike things on the bottom so I can't slip on ice. The only problem is bending over to get them strapped on. I needed Steve's help. I can still tie my own shoes, thankyouverymuch, but the buckles were a little hard.

We went out for dinner and my pulled-pork sandwich was lovely, but let me tell you about this pecan pie. Yes, it's a horrible photo, but oh was it good! I don't normally like pecan pie, but this was just like a slab of caramel and pecans. With ice cream. I had about 5 bites and said Steve could have the rest.
We took care of that!
I have never found a recipe I liked, so I don't have one to share, but if you do, PLEASE share it in the comments. This pie may have to be investigated.

In other news, we worked on the baby's room this weekend. One wall is a dark blue, so my mom found these super cute vinyl letters. The only problem is that they are VERY DIFFICULT to put up. Not only because they lacked instructions, but because they were skinny letters.

Yay instructions!

Um, blank reverse side. You had one job...

The end result (after much stress and anger at a few words).
We also packed part of our hospital bag. Considering the crazy weather we have, I either over packed the baby's "going home" outfit or I didn't pack enough. Who knows?

That's it for now! If you went running this weekend, I salute you. If you did some other form of exercise, I also salute you. If you hid from the cold, I understand. It's chilly!

Have a wonderful week!

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