Monday, October 15, 2012

Kitchen Mischief review - what actually got done?

Friday night I was all set to get a long list of things done. Well, it didn't get done, or it didn't all get done in one night.

For review, here is the list that was:

Here is my to-do list:
1. Go to grocery (stick to list)
2. Go to Michael's (find coupons)
3. Make dinner and freeze half
4. Make dough and put in fridge
5. Clean bathroom
6. Should probably vacuum too...
7. Make cookie filling and bake.
8. Paint and glue and glitter and then vacuum.
9. Pour glass of wine and fall in heap on couch.

Due to a stop at my parents' house (and getting to eat dinner with them), I got a late start on the list. Over the whole weekend, this is what actually got accomplished:
1. Go to grocery (stuck to the list almost the whole way)
2. Go to Michael's (used coupons, but decided my project was a little over my head, so I bought different supplies which took me a long time to find)
3. Made delicious meals on Saturday and Sunday instead of Friday night (see: free dinner at Mom and Dad's house)
4. Made dough (there was some swearing involved when I dropped a half cup of flour on the floor) and put in fridge.
5. Cleaned bathroom on Sunday (even with the grout brush!)
6. Husband vacuumed for me!
7. Made two kinds of cookie filling. Discovered that the cookie dough had the wrong butter:flour ratio (this is why you should never swear in the kitchen - especially when cooking because the food will take revenge), so I took one of the fillings and made thumbprint cookies instead. Rats. Need to start over, but got to have cookies to share with friends all weekend long!
8. No crafting was accomplished.
9. Drank a way-less-classy beer.
10. Re-made dough thanks to consultation with mom and a trip to the store for floor cleaner and more butter (cleaning up spilled flour can be a messy job). Cleaned floor while new dough was in the fridge.
11. Volunteered at a Haunted House Fundraiser and scared the beejees out of people for four hours on Saturday night.
12. FINALLY got the dough to roll out, filled and back in the fridge.

Helpful tips to conquer a big list:
1. Write it down!
2. Be flexible.
3. When rolling out dough, either use a nice flat surface covered with a dusting of flour or roll dough between two sheets of wax paper. Worked like a charm!

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