Monday, October 8, 2012

Tea - and lots of it!

Hi Crushers,

I am sick. Just when I thought I was feeling better - WHAM! - this cold keeps kicking me in the rear. I got it, then my husband got it, and now I'm not sure if he gave it back to me or if it was lying in wait to jump out from behind my tonsils and yell, "Ha ha! Gotcha!"

My cold only stayed away for a little while. I am having trouble hearing out of one ear and I think I have drank my weight in tea. The worst part of having a cold is that my taste buds are wonky. I'm not hungry because everything tastes like cardboard. Even the wonderful pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I made on Saturday. Colds to a food lover are extra awful because you can't enjoy it.

Anyway, this weekend was full of cooking. My sister-in-law, mom and I threw my sister a wedding shower. It was wonderful and girly. My sister-in-law, sister and I aren't the girliest of girls, but we have our moments when nothing but a good ol' tea party complete with brunch and doilies will do! It was all lovely gold and burgundy (her wedding colors). I'm pretty sure she went back to her house last night and just stared at the boxes.

Here was the menu from the shower to tide you over until I can give you fun recipes involving squash and delicious things. (Pictures coming soon)

Drink table:
  • Variety of teas
  • coffee with creamers
  • lemon, mint ice water
Main food table:
  • Quiche - Lorraine, turkey and broccoli, spinach and mushroom, ham and cheese
  • Spinach salad with fresh greens, dried cranberries, strawberry slices, almonds and poppy seed dressing
  • Italian pasta salad - cheese tortellini (chilled), penne (chilled), sliced black olives (drained), diced tomatoes, artichoke hearts (drained), and Italian dressing
  • Fruit salad - melons, pineapple, grapes
  • Cheese-filled croissants and regular ones
Dessert table
  • Raspberry and apricot-filled Danish
  • Almond cookies
  • Shortbread cookies
  • Mini pumpkin muffins
  • Mini red velvet cupcakes
  • Those long rolled wafer cookies filled with chocolate creme 
Doesn't that just make you want to put on a kettle of tea and drink a cup with your pinky in the air?

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