Friday, June 14, 2013

Faith-filled Friday: Proverbs 31

G'day Crushers!

I'm on a plane on my way to Australia, so I thought I would schedule a Faith-filled Friday ahead of time. I'm actually writing this on Wednesday. It's like I'm time traveling!

Anyway, when I think of the large conference that our staff has planned, I always hope that things will go smoothly and that I have the patience to deal with frustrated attendees, that I can help anyone who needs assistance and that all of my committee meetings go well. It's amazing how being calm and collected can really influence those around you to be calm as well.

In Proverbs 31:10-31, the ideal woman is described in how she works hard for her family, she respects and treats all with love, and praises God. I hope that I can be this woman every day of my meeting and every day of my life. I know that I will flub up and want to get frustrated or angry at an out-of-line attendee (because there's always one), but I also know that being upset won't help matters.

Last year, there was actually one person who tried to fake a medical emergency just so he could get into the auditorium early to find a good seat. How rude! Fortunately, speaking to him kindly and firmly made him realize that a) I wasn't going to take any of his shenanigans and b) faking medical emergencies is not funny! Right after that happened, one of the catering staff looked at me and said, "Being kind costs you nothing and can be invaluable to those around you, but being rude can cost someone else their pleasure in the day." Does that sound like a wonderful motto, or what?

How about it, Crushers? Can we be Proverbs 31 people? Can we build each other up in kindness? I pray that we all do.

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