Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Virtual Running Date 12: A real running date!

Good morning crushers!
The weather here in Wisconsin has been very wonderful lately. Some would say chilly, but I say, "At least it's not snowing!" You may laugh and say, "But Jen, it's June!" Well, when I was in kindergarten, it snowed in the last week of May. You are never really safe from snow, except in July and August where it's just too humid to snow or flat iron your hair.

Anyway, if today we were running together on a virtual running, date I would tell you about the wonderful weekend I had celebrating birthdays with family members! My brother, sister and I all married people with June birthdays. My adorable nephew, Patrick, also turns two this June. Since I travel for most of June and every one's summer schedules are hectic, we had one big birthday party for everyone. Of course, Patrick was the big winner because it is really hard not to spoil him with fun toys and hugs and kisses. Love that little man!
Patrick loves Mickey Mouse and trains. He also got top billing!
Saturday morning, Steve and I went for a run in the village of Wauwatosa because they have an awesome farmer's market. We kept meaning to go last summer and never made it. Well, we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather for our run and then visited the market to pick up some delicious veggies and eat breakfast. We have plans to go more often this summer as Saturday morning dates. We also ran into a ton of friends, which is always nice.

Enjoying the zoo and family time!
Also, it looks like we're starting to dress alike even though we've only been married  less than a year!
After that we went to the zoo, where I kid you not, I thought I was going to see an elephant fall out of it's enclosure into the moat that provides a barrier between the animals and the zoo-goers. I guess it really wanted to whatever leaf was just out of reach. See how it balanced on three feet to stretch out it's trunk? That elephant had wonderful balance!

If we were running together, I would also tell you about this fabulous friend that I got to go on a REAL run with! Hannah from Corn-n-Kale has been making a renewed effort in her life to eat whole foods and life a whole life. She was the one that inspired me to add some yoga stretches into my routine. Me and my hips thank her! I would like to say that I'm her inspiration for running, but I think that I probably just talked about it so much that she was finally like, "FINE. I'LL GET ON THE STUPID TREADMILL." and liked it... muwahahaha!

Anyway, we ran by the lakefront in Milwaukee using the trails of Lakeshore State Park. We live on totally opposite sides of the city, so meeting in the middle worked well for us. Plus, who doesn't love a trail with city -scapes on one side and Lake Michigan on the other? It was so nice to run together and catch up!

If we were running together, I would tell you about this great sauceless pizza I made last night. Steve wasn't so sure that it would work without pizza sauce, but I thought we would give it a try. Plus, margherita pizza is one of my favorites to order out at Riverfront Pizza, or anywhere pizza place really, so I thought I would give it a whirl. However, instead of just putting on tomato, mozzarella and basil with a little olive oil, we ended up putting on more veggies and diced leftover Italian sausages from the birthday cookout. So good!

So delicious!

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