Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Virtual Running Date 13: Preparing for Australia

Hello Crushers!
Unless I have time to blog on Thursday, I might be a bit quiet for the next few weeks. Why? Because I'm going to Australia! The land down under! Where kangaroos roam and there are gigantic spiders! Where Fosters means beer! Where I'll be working and then having vacation. I can't wait!

If we were on a running date today, I would tell you about how I am a master packer. That's right, If I took out a few t-shirts, I could probably fit everything I need for the next two weeks in a carry-on. I love packing. It takes the stress out of what to wear because you only have a few options. Then again, if you spill on more than 2-3 tops, you either need to buy a new shirt or re-wear something.

If we were running today, I would tell you that Grandma is out of the hospital! That's right, she is feeling so much better and the doctors are convinced that she is able to return to her normal routine. Although it's a lot for our family to handle since we are her primary caregivers (my mom is awesome) along with a few nurses that help out, it is nice to know that we are continuing to show our love and being terrific caregivers at the same time. It's definitely not for every family, but it works for ours.

If we were running today, I would tell you about the scuba diving lesson that Steve and I took last Saturday. While it was really cool to have everything on and just get a feel for scuba diving in a local high school's pool, I don't think it's for me. Our introductory class was taught by a very patient instructor who made everything very clear. We got to learn what all the pieces of equipment do, go under water, learn hand signals, learn how to catch your breathing regulator if it gets away from you, learn how to clear water from your mask and then learn how to use your breathing to help you stabilize your depth. I was really good at everything until the last part. I either sunk to the bottom really fast (which makes your ears pop) or floated along the top. It took me nearly the whole hour to get to swim in the middle! We took this class in order to see if we would want to get certified to scuba dive in Australia, but I think we're both happy to snorkel.

If we were running today, I would tell you that I'm so excited to go to Australia and see/do the following:

If we were running, what would you tell me about? What would you do in Australia? Have you ever gone scuba diving?

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