Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wildlife and nightlife: I met a Wombat

Hi Crushers,

Last night I had an oxymoron of a night. I got to pet a baby kangaroo and I also got a bite of a kangaroo steak. It was the softest animal I've ever gotten to pet and it was the second best steak I've ever eaten. So delicious! And it sounds so wrong!!!

I also got to see a koala, a diamond back python, and a wombat. A WOMBAT! They are soooooo cute!

Here's a few photos:
Baby kangaroo!

Dozer the Wombat
I learned that they mostly live underground. He was so sleepy and cute!

Koala! Apparently, they have fragile immune systems, and are susceptible to lots of disease including STDs.
Just in case, I did not pet the Koala. Ew. Also, they're apparently quite angry/dangerous little animals.


  1. Thanks for not posting a picture of the snake....I would have had to skip this post because of it and missed the cute Kangaroo and Koala!

    1. The wombat was much cooler! No snakes allowed here!